About Us

Our Vision

To uplift the living standards of orphans, vulnerable children, youth and marginalized women through provision of sustainable basic needs.

Our Mission

To develop into a leading foundation that supports orphans, vulnerable children, youth and marginalized women, harnesses individual skills and entrepreneurial skills development amongst them.

At Hope of Grace Foundation, we believe that everybody deserves to be healthy and accorded a quality standard of living that is free from violence/abuse. This is empowering and greatly transforming. Children blossom into their chosen careers, even in spite of being orphans or disadvantaged, while youths and marginalized women develop into creative, enterprising, resourceful and economically contributing members of society.

Our foundation, through inculcating, developing and harnessing individual life and entrepreneurial skills aims to lift living standards in Ugandan districts where we operate. We are a voice for victims of abuse, vulnerable children and a second chance for the marginalized.


  • To create and foster a family structure for all beneficiaries of the foundation especially the children and youth
  • To build and maintain a self-sustainable education scholarships fund for orphans and disadvantaged children
  • To provide basic needs including shelter, food, clothing and medical care for beneficiaries
  • To promote positive attitudinal values
  • To promote, develop and search for talents and skills in both the Arts, STEM (sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and Vocational skills amongst beneficiaries and the communities of operation
  • To raise funds for the foundation's activities/programs/projects


  • Supporting vulnerable children/orphans with tuition, scholastic materials, medical, food, clothes etc.
  • Support school dropouts to acquire life skills.
  • Empower women through Women Grow Uganda Association.